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"Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude." - Ralph Marston

Services & Practice Areas

Family Law

Mr. Hampton handles most family law issues, including uncontested and contested divorces, child custody proceedings, and child support matters. Mr. Hampton recognizes that family issues can be, and often are, the most stressful and important concerns for an individual. A good lawyer, who will be attentive to your personal situation, will be a great asset throughout the pendency of your case.

The goal of any case is to get the best possible result, based on all the circumstances, for you at that time. For some, this may mean having a jury trial. For others, a negotiated settlement prior to filing for divorce may get you the result you want. In other cases, the best resolution is reached after divorce is filed, a few months go by, and the parties and their lawyers reach a settlement based on extended conference and discussion. Often, but not always, a temporary court hearing may be necessary, or a session with an experienced mediator may be utilized.

Todd Hampton will take the time to discuss your personal issues, and make his recommendations as to how the best result that works for your particular case, whatever that may be. He will work toward a mutually satisfactory settlement of your family law case. Or, if you prefer, he is experienced and willing to go to Court to have a trial on all the issues in the case. The most important thing is remembering that every case is different, and there are many considerations to be taken into account in deciding how best to resolve your case.
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Criminal Law

Todd Hampton handles a wide variety of criminal law matters. From misdemeanors such as DUI and other traffic violations, to serious felony cases. He is able to handle cases in municipal courts, state courts, and federal courts.

Mr. Hampton has been lead counsel in felony jury trials in several counties in the Middle Georgia area. Mr. Hampton will gladly discuss your case with you to determine any possible defenses and how to get the best resolution for you. He is willing to take a case to trial if the situation calls for it, and believes in holding the government, in each and every case, to the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. He believes every individual is entitled to basic Constitutional rights, is innocent until proven guilty and is entitled to a zealous defense in every situation.

Without a doubt, facing a criminal accusation from the government can be an extremely agonizing and pressurized situation. Mr. Hampton takes the possible loss of liberty for a client very seriously and works diligently to avoid any negative repercussions for his clients. Although this cannot always be accomplished, every client should know that their case has been thoroughly investigated and all possible defenses pursued.
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Personal Injury

Mr. Hampton handles cases involving bodily injuries caused by the negligence of another person or place of business. This would include car wrecks, tractor trailer collisions, slip (or trip) and falls, and injuries caused by faulty products. He has handled a wide variety of cases in these areas, ranging from contaminated food items served at a restaurant, to broken limbs in an automobile wreck.

The primary rule to remember is that if you are injured due to the negligence of someone else, their insurance company will not be looking out for your best interests in settling the matter. Insurance companies, or the at-fault parties themselves, are looking out for their own best interests and how to best protect their financial bottom line. This is why you need a lawyer to represent your position in the case and seek to get the best possible outcome to compensate you for your loss.

In a typical bodily injury case, you would be entitled to monetary damages under the law where the negligence of another person or entity caused your injury. The way your damages are measured can be somewhat complicated to fully understand without handling these cases on a regular basis. You may be able recover the cost of medical bills, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering, which cannot be measured by an exact formula. The value of your case can be influenced by having a competent lawyer familiar with the issues and one who will put pressure on the insurance company to fairly resolve your claim. Mr. Hampton is well qualified to handle most any injury claim, and will aggressively pursue your case to get the most fair and just result.
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